Church Planting in Colombia

Why plant churches in Colombia?

The main reason I see is that there are so many Bible churches are present in this great country of forty million people. In Bogota now has nearly seven million people, the presence of Bible churches is ridiculous, being able to count on the fingers. There are Baptist churches of the convention, but few, in spite that they are 60 years in the country, and moreover, the charismatic phenomenon has permeated much of these churches, so that some only carry the name of Baptists . There is a great need for churches to preach the gospel from a biblical perspective, as the charismatic-Pentecostal phenomenon does not represent the doctrines by which brothers in faith have given their lives throughout history, nor is it an example of healthy doctrine based on scripture, but rather strange and new doctrines.

For the factors of violence as pro-Communist guerrillas and paramilitaries, the country was banned for several years to foreign missionaries, it de-motivating candidates for missions to Colombia.

If at least two hundred churches had Bible in Bogota, I would not justify a more open, but this is not the case.

Colombia is an almost virgin territory for the gospel.


* There is freedom of worship
* People are very receptive to the gospel
* Factors of violence that have gone to people seeking an alternative lifestyle
* Problems in families because of drug addiction, which makes parents seek spiritual help
* The phenomenon of migration from rural to urban
* A huge population that does not know that salvation is by grace and not by works
* A Roman Church with pedophilia scandals has lost much influence on the population.


Starting work in Colombia in order to plant a church with a heart for missions, evangelism and spreading treated in the neighborhood, renting a local house where we can begin the meetings. In particular it:

* Transfer Colombia
* Located in the city of Bogota in a rented house, where they start making meetings with the contacts we already have.
* Start a ministry of evangelism and discipleship in the neighborhood and where the doors open.
* Capturing a group of leaders and candidates from there, start training in a theological and practical future pastors and missionaries who are going to open more churches across the country.
* Create a biblical and theological seminary where they can train men and women for work of the ministry.


At the age of 12 years told me of my sinfulness, in the village church. My dad for that then do not let them go to church to my mom, but she sent us her children, one day we presented the message of salvation which was telling us our state of sin and need of salvation that only Christ could make was there when salvation came to me and my brothers. The following year I was baptized, at age 14 and was teaching youngsters, for the good testimony to the age of 16 I was appointed as secretary of the officers, until I went to the city of Barranquilla for further study.

Call to ministry

Since I was a teacher of Sunday school in the village church, I felt God’s call on my life to bring the teaching of the Word of God to the nearest town, given that nobody was going and my burden was too great for people , I decided to go on Sundays after morning service to the neighboring village, the trip was walking down a lonely road and sometimes dangerous, but still was alone and people could gather in a house of a poor widow is now a church in that town. I finished my high school and went to the city of Barranquilla. While as a college student I felt a great burden in my neighborhood because there was a church, I spoke with a pastor to see if I leaned to open a church, and with your permission I did the first meeting in the house of my brother, for economic reasons impossible for me to continue studying, so I went to Bogotá to work, being there I noticed that there was a church in the neighborhood and with the help of a local church started a church, so that gives a year of being with the emerging church could devote full time to work. One day I know his brother William in Bogotá when he was going through a time of crisis, I realized that my training was more formal empirical, with the help of a missionary who ventured to go to Bogota to come and support me study at the Baptist Seminary, and now I have finished my studies I want to return to Colombia to start a church planting work


Una respuesta

  1. Hello Jaime,

    My name is Isaiah Di Lorenzo. I saw your blog here and am interested in church planting in Colombia. I have recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a linguistics major and am also interested in Bible translation. I am curious if you know any ministries or missionaries that I might be able to contact who work with remote jungle tribal peoples in church planting and/or Bible translation. I thank God for nay response. You may contact me at or just use WordPress here.


    Isaiah Di Lorenzo


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