Population of Colombia
The Colombian population is a complex mix of ancient indigenous peoples, the Spanish colonizers, and Africans arrived later in the times of slavery. Today only considered indigenous (in their customs and language) at 1% of Colombians.
In Colombia there are 42 million people, approximately. It is the third most populous country of Latin America, behind Brazil and Mexico. Thirty cities have more than 100,000. The estimated mean population density is 35 inhabitants per km2.
Colombia in the spiritual field boomed as much of sect in the world, is a model of what is called church growth, make their presence on the G12, the Assemblies of God, Foursquare, the MMM, and many independent Pentecostal churches.
It is rare to find biblical churches in many cities in Colombia, the Colombian is generally receptive to the gospel, where there is any opposition to the gospel is largely due to the presence of groups that oppose the government.

Mallorie In the great cities of the 100,000 who pass there is not a biblical church. I think the work is great.
God bless you



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